Making delicious candy from fresh-picked flowers

Returning home from weeks of operating emergency situation food service for the spring evacuations along the James Bay coastal area, I came home to what had be among the most gorgeous May long weekends that I can keep in mind. Spending hours outside with my family was a true blessing that had a wonderful result as we were surrounded with an aura of colors. The striking hues of green leaves filling up on chlorophyll and the numerous blooms blooming added a surreal practically psychedelic effect to everything. The heady fragrances of the various flower perfumes were as similarly invigorating.For more intresting information please visit at

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Flowers planted for Memorial Day got rid of from Legion Park

Some flowers planted at Legion Park in preparation for Ellwood City Memorial Day activities were stolen as the vacation weekend approached.

4 begonias were extracted from along the walkway leading to the Sgt. Leslie H. Sabo Jr. memorial.

It’s sort of a desecration toward veterans, said Sam Pawlowski, a member of the Ellwood City Memorial Day Parade Committee who helped plant the flowers May 18.

Pawlowski stated he noticed the missing flowers Thursday night, thinking it was odd how they were stolen. Two flowers were extracted from each of 2 parapets that each included three flowers-- leaving each with a single flower.

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Enormous metal flowers sprouting up in Kearsley

BIG blooms have actually been producing an appealing sight around Kearsley over the past couple of weeks.

Giant metallic flowers have actually been sprouting up around beauty spots in the location as part of Kearsley in Bloom.

The fantastical developments are the work of Stoneclough dad-of-two David De Souza who formerly produced 4 8ft tall steel poppies to celebrate Remembrance Day in the town.

The 40-year-old has actually returned to his garage workshop to develop eight huge steel flowers to put next to the Kearsley in Bloom picture frames.

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